Student Credit Card - What You Should Know Before You Sign Up

by : Robert Alan

Student credit cards, particularly college student credit cards, are an extremely popular trend among credit card companies. The student credit cards are offered on college campuses around the country and usually come with a free T-shirt just for signing up. The major benefit to college students of obtaining a student credit card is that they are often pulled in with a low interest rate a no fees. Furthermore, the earlier you start using a credit card, the better credit you will have by the time you are ready to graduate. (Of course, having a great credit score will make it easy for you to negotiate a low mortgage rate or car loan rate.)

How to Get One

It is very easy to enroll in a student credit card program. Periodically throughout the semester, credit card companies will position representatives on your college campus. The majority of the time these representatives offer incentives for signing up with their programs. Buyer beware: while enrolling for a credit card offer sounds like a great deal if you get a free T-shirt, many credit card companies compel you to enroll and have you fill out lists of information. They will then sell your personal information to companies that then use it for marketing purposes. You should also be aware that the more you open and close credit card accounts, the greater the chances of a solid credit score being compromised. Therefore, it is advised that you enroll in a student credit card program only if you are serious about using the credit card.

How the Credit Card Companies Benefit

Credit card companies benefit from offering special student credit cards on a number of levels. First, the credit card companies will of course benefit from the high interest rates that many college students assume when they enroll in a student credit card program. Students are tended to spend and because many of them are on a fixed budget, they are not always in a position to pay off their credit cards right away. Therefore, if a credit card company can supply students with an appealing credit card deal, they are likely to reap the benefits of the usage. Also, credit card companies are serious about building a loyal clientele. The younger that they start with their clients, the more likely the clients will be loyal to the credit card company and want to stay for the long-term. Therefore, you can see how offering student credit cards can be a lucrative and beneficial market.

Where to Find Student Credit Cards

Most often, student credit cards are offered on college campuses by credit card companies. If there is not a college student credit card representative on your campus, then contact any credit card company directly to find out about available programs.

Using student credit cards not only helps you to establish a line of credit at an appropriate age, but it also helps you to build a history with a credit card company. By the time you graduate from college, chances are good that if you have several years worth of experience with a company, they will be likely to offer you a very nice interest rate in appreciation of your continued business. If you are a college student and do not have a college student credit card, then it is highly recommended that you investigate options for enrolling in such a program. After all, when it comes to obtaining a low interest rate, credit card companies care about your credit history. Enrolling in a student credit card program is a great way to start!