What is a Platinum Credit Card?

by : Jon Francis

You may have heard one of your mates boasting that they've been approved for a platinum credit card and wondered exactly what all the hullabaloo and fuss is over. Usually, it means that your mate is to be commended for keeping his or her accounts well in order but aside from that, each company that issues cards has different standards and features for their platinum cards.

First, understand that most finance companies that issue credit cards have many different products. Each of them allows you to make purchases on credit, but they each have different features that are unique to that particular card. One may offer a lower interest rate, but trade it off with an annual membership fee, while another may have a slightly higher interest rate and no fee as well as discounts for purchases made a particular merchants. Many of these companies offer a platinum credit card that is loaded with features for their best customers.

Each company's platinum credit card is different. In fact, many companies offer more than one version. In general, it has a high spending limit, low interest rates and special features that are designed to make it attractive to those who use often. Those features may include cash back, special rewards, membership in discount clubs or auto clubs and even special rates on automobile or life insurance. They also, however, often have an annual membership fee you must pay in order to keep your card, which may make them less attractive than a less prestigious card.

In other words, even though these types of cards often require impeccable credit, don't automatically assume that a platinum credit card is the best card for you. Depending on your reason for wanting a credit and your circumstances, another type of credit card may be the better choice. If you're carrying outstanding balances on other cards for instance, you may do better with a balance transfer card that offers 0% interest rates for balance transfers. You may find that an option that offers a discount on petrol prices is the best choice for you if you travel a lot, or you may prefer something that's linked to your favourite charity.

Before you make your application, it pays to compare all the features and charges of one against another. There are some really good comparison websites where you'll find listings of dozens of credit card offers from all the major companies in the UK. You can compare interest rates, annual fees, cashback and rewards and other incentives online to help you choose the best credit card for you.