Discover Credit Card - How To Get Ahead

by : Morgan Hamilton

Despite early challenges by the major credit cards at the time, Discover credit card emerged from the shadows of Sears Financial Holdings to become a credit force to be reckoned with. Initially offered in 1981 as part of Sears, then the largest retailer, it was joined by Dean Whitter Reynolds and Coldwell, Banker and Company to add financial offerings to the company.

Due to the failure of the financial services market Sears divested this part of its business and the Dean Whitter Discover credit card was introduced in 1993. The company then merged with Morgan Stanley in 1997 and continued to push the Discover card as an alternative to Mastercard and Visa. These companies were not ones to allow another credit card company to eat into its business, and told retailers that if they accepted the Discover credit card, they would lose the ability to accept Mastercard and Visa Credit cards.

It took a ruling by the Supreme Court in 2005 to end this exclusionary practice and the acceptance of the Discover credit card by many merchants was quickly achieved. Growing rapidly, the Discover credit card is now one of the major players in the credit card industry. In June of 2007 Discover was spun off from Morgan Stanley to become a separate entity.

Discover Still Offers Amazing Rewards

Today's Discover credit card is still issued without an annual fee, with many other card companies forced to follow its lead to maintain their cardholders, and has several deals with retailers on the sales of gift cards and cash back bonuses. Some of the rewards available to Discover cardholders include:

??? * 5% Cash Back Bonus in Specific Categories Quarterly??? * 5-20% Cash Back Bonus on Purchases at Exclusive Online Site??? * 1% Cash Back Bonus on all Other Purchases??? * No limit on Cash Back Rewards??? * No Annual Fee??? * Zero Liability on Discover Credit Card Fraudulent Purchases??? * No Fee for Extra Cards

They also offer increased reward if the Discover credit card is used with gift cards from 80 of the company's cash back bonus partners. Applying for a Discover card is quick and easy through the company's online credit center and cardholders can check their balances and purchases online as well, helping to detect fraudulent use of their card quicker and report it to the company.

The Discover credit card does carry varying charges for over the limit fees and late fees, usually in relation to the balance on the account. Additionally, initially there is no charge for balance transfers during the initial introductory period, typically about one year. No interest will be charged if the entire balance is paid in full within the 25-day grace periodFeature Articles, but the interest rate will vary depending on the credit standing of the cardholder.