Credit Card Processing Options For Home-based Business Owners

by : Debbie Dragon

Are you the owner of a home based business that wants to be able to accept credit cards payments from clients or customers, without all the high fees that typically go along with it? Well, now you can thanks to e-commerce and the internet.

Special Options for Home-Based Businesses

With proper research you will be able to find that many merchant account providers also now have special packages for the specialized industry of home-based businesses. No one knows your business like you do. Therefore, you should carefully research any and all possibilities before making a decision on what way is the best to accept credit card payments for services rendered. Though there are pros and cons to be weighed and considered, the option of being able to accept credit cards from clients and customers is a huge convenience for you both.

For home based business owners, it has been a difficult and lengthy process in the past to receive payments from clients or customers; but by having a merchant account, you can now accept payments through a banking institute, independent sales organization, or by a third party such as PayPal. Home-based businesses must be approved in order to establish a true merchant account through a banking institute or independent sales organization. An underwriting process is necessary, and it will also involve using your personal credit rating, and this will be reviewed and evaluated. Many merchant account providers offer high approval rates, and special account options for home-based businesses.

Receiving Funds From Credit Card Payments

When the process is completed the home-based business owners can automatically deposit funds received from credit card payments directly into their account. There are fees that are charged by an Independent sales organization or banking institute, and while they are not as low as the third party provider they are often worth the ability of accepting credit cards. With higher sales volumes, the fees charged by Independent Sales organizations or banking institutes will be less compared to the third party providers-so you have yet another incentive for increasing your business!

Third Party Providers

When using a third party provider, the funds will get deposited into the merchant account, and then you can transfer it to your account. The entire process may take up to several days. Additionally, using a third party provider means you run the risk of never receiving the funds from your transactions, as they are often fraudulent businesses.

Merchant Accounts Through Banks

There are both positives and negatives associated with a merchant account through a banking institute, as well. Some advantages include the fact that banks are considered to be secured and dependable, and fees associated with setting up your merchant account are considerably lower for the long-standing business owner and owners with good credit. Many banking institutions do not like to open merchant accounts for a business seeking to accept credit cards over the internet. You will have to go and speaking informatively about your business and your goals and why it would be profitable for you to be able to accept payments on line. Banking institutions are more likely to close a merchant account if there are any charge backs.

Independent Sales Organizations

Business owners wishing to open a merchant account with less than perfect credit typically use Independent Sales Organizations. Independent Sales Organizations go through a bank for the merchant account. Independent Sales Organizations accept businesses that wish to collect online payments and they do accept high risk businesses. These types of organizations will charge higher fees and you do need to watch them carefully to make sure that you do not pay for the same fees over and over again, but they can be a good option for people and businesses that are otherwise unable to accept credit cards.

Many merchant accounts that are now available for the home-based business owners have a high approval rate, and most are approved within twenty-four hours. Most of the merchant accounts have done away with all the application, set up, monthly and annual fees. Be sure to ask questions up front about any fees that may be associated with obtaining a merchant account.