Credit Card Machines for All Business Types

by : Steve Depraida

With the ever increasing popularity of credit/debit cards and electronic payment options, businessmen too are trying hard to keep up with the changing trends and are applying for merchant accounts to process plastic payments. A merchant account is basically a part of payment processing chain, the first link of which is the credit card terminal or the credit card machine. The credit card machine allows the shopkeeper or the merchant to swipe the customers' credit card and completes the transaction from his side. The merchant service provider completes the rest of the process i.e. capture the funds from the customers account and transfer them to the account of the businessman. There are basically three types of terminals; traditional terminals that may or may not have inbuilt printers, wireless credit card machines and virtual or software based terminals. The third type is meant solely for internet merchants or for those taking business telephonic orders.
Traditional terminals are bulky as compared to their sleeker portable cousins. Traditional terminals are usually used by businessmen who are always on the move like caterers, travel agents and insurance salesmen. Terminals have different types of displays. Larger displays make it easier for you, to see more information at the same time. Some credit card machines come with backlights that illuminate the display area, thereby making it easier of businessmen operate in low light conditions. Keypads too differ in size and the number of keys and larger keypad obviously improves the ease of use.
Virtual terminals as mentioned above are meant solely for processing online and telephonic orders. It's the job of the merchant service provider to provide you with the processing software that will complete the payment transaction. All you would be required to do is to type in the credit card number and the software will complete the authorization part.
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