Choosing a Gas Credit Card

by : Roland Jefferson

Cash Back Rewards

All of the major credit card companies offer a gas card; many offer an introductory interest rate of zero percent, the length of this introductory rate varies by company, usually six to twelve months.

Discover Platinum Card

The Discover Platinum Card offers five percent full cash back on gasoline; this five percent cash with their gas credit card purchases only applies to the first 1,200 dollars of annual gas or automotive repairs.

Most people don't spend more than 1,200 dollars a year on gasoline and automotive purchases, for many people this gas credit card could be a good option.

Chase PerfectCard Master Card

Chase offers the PerfectCard Master Card to its customers with six percent rebates on gasoline for the first three months; after the first three months the gas credit card will give three percent cash back on future gas purchases.

The maximum rebate on these cards is fifteen dollars each month; to achieve the maximum of fifteen dollars in rebates the credit card user must spend $500 each month.

Amex Blue Card

Amex Blue Card from American Express has cash rebates between one and five percent cash back on gasoline purchases; this gas card bases the amount the buyer will receive in rebate on purchases by how much money they have spent with the card for that year to date.

Customers receive one percent cash back on all gasoline purchases up to $6,500 total year to date purchases; as of the $6,501 spent year to date, the customer will receive five percent cash back.

Chase BP Visa

Chase gives its BP Visa cardholders five percent rebate on purchases made at BP gas locations; this gas credit card will also give its customers one percent rebate on all other gasoline purchases, with bonus percentages for lodging, dining, and other travel costs.

Using Gas Credit Cards To Save Money

Using gas credit cards to save money isn't as easy as the offers make it seem; to really save money the credit card balance must be paid up every month. To make the most of the cash back or credit rebates, the rebate money should be used to purchase gasoline.

The gas credit cards often have a higher annual percentage rate, to avoid being charged this annual percentage rate the card shouldn't hold a balance; being charged over fourteen percent interest makes the five percent rebate no rebate at all.