Getting More From Applying for a Credit Card

by : John Reed

So, you want to apply for a credit card? That is a nice move if you know how to manage the credit card after you get it. Or shall I say, if you get it. Unfortunately, for someone to apply for a credit card is easier to do than getting a credit card.

There are credit card companies that will issue you a credit card with an inflated interest rate. That doesnt seem like a big deal when you want to apply for a credit card but it becomes the most haunting thing once the bill comes due and you arent in a financial position to pay it.

There are several things one should consider before he or she commits to apply for a credit card. Among the most pressing is the interest rate. While interest rates vary on most credit cards, interest rates of 14.47% or higher are common money traps for those individuals who are less money savvy.

Face it. That is just completely too high of an interest rate. These types of interest rates are usually aimed at one or two different types of consumers. Either they are aimed at the college student that wants his or her first credit card or they are aimed at the person that does not handle money well so their credit is less than perfect. (By a long shot)

Credit card companies hope that these people will spend, spend, spend and lets face it. That is exactly what these two groups of individuals are likely to do, once they receive a credit card.

News Flash! This just in! You are responsible for your own debt. So, you might as well give yourself a break. Some companies will provide you the credit you desire but the question do you really want it.

What good is setting yourself up for failure by getting high interest credit cards? Your enjoyment is very brief, while the pain of being saddled with debt can last years, even decades.

Here is the method to beat your credit card debt and still enjoy the luxuries a credit card can provide.

1. First, If you have a credit card and you find yourself heavy in debt, cut it up. It is better to be without a credit card than to doom yourself financially with one. See, to many, a credit card is like gold. However, gold is only valuable depending on where you are at the time. If you were holding 50 pounds of gold in your back yard, you would be happy but if you had that same 50 pounds of gold in your hand while swimming in the ocean, you wouldnt consider that a blessing. It is not valuable if it is pulling you under. Dump the credit card!

2. Get yourself a debit card with the Visa or Master card insignia, rather than apply for a credit card. The debit card is commonly passed out at banks all over the world. The advantage of the debit card is that it is tied to you personal bank account and allows you to spend only that that you have. Theres none of that credit stuff.

3. To increase what you would normally call your credit limit. Download and use the Apply For A Credit Card Toolbar at ApplyForACreditCardToolbar dot com. This toolbar interfaces with TypoBounty dot com and allows you to earn money that you can send directly to your personal bank account by locating and reporting typographical errors such as misspelled words, punctuation etc. You report them online. The average pay out for a single error found is 2 dollars. Fill your bank account up and you never have to apply for a credit card.

Do this and you get the benefit of a credit card with the lowest rate possible.