Managing your Credit Cards

by : andy tao

A great form of credit would be to get a credit card in your name, many people would not be able to live their life without their credit card but they can be really tricky if you start to fall behind on the repayments. You have to budget yourself correctly to maintain a good credit rating but this is easier said than done as you can easily get carried away spending money you don't have. If you fall behind with and start to miss payments this means that your credit rating will effective and it may be hard to get credit in the future.

Basically a credit card works in the way where you can buy the desired product and you won't get billed for it for 6 weeks giving you the time to save the cash up if times are hard. When you get the bill you have two options, to pay it in full (recommended if possible) or to pay a small percentage of the total bill and carry the remaining onto the next months billing period. This is where problems can arise because if you only pay the minimum payment and carry on spending money on the card the interest will be higher meaning you may only be able to pay the minimum again, this could carry on and on until you have reached your card limit and further actions would be taken.

If you are confident you can manage your finances good enough to pay off what you owe then credit cards are great at getting your credit rating up, be sure to shop around to find the best deal based on your circumstances and many banks and building societies offer online banking so you can manage your credit card online to see how much is owed and even make payments with the click of a button. You can use sites like money supermarket which can compare all of the leading companies by simply filling in one form which will save you a lot of time and ensure you get the best deal.

This makes your life a whole lot easier as you have total control of your account and can see your past transactions and can even get online statements which are safer as you won't need to throw sensitive details into the bin which could cause a problem if these were to get in the wrong hands.