Best Credit Cards: Be Ready To Be Spoiled

by : Devin Gilliland

Depending upon the credit worthiness, and the repayment ability, as also the character of the individual, a user can either get basic credit cards or the high value cards, which are also known as Best credit cards. The basic deciding criteria in providing best credit cards are the income of the individual. An individual may be provided with the basic credit card which would have very low credit limit and the credit period also of a lesser duration. Besides, the interest on outstanding amount, if the amount is not paid in full, would also be large. The up gradation in cards starting from silver to gold to platinum to titanium is walk through commonly available metals to more exclusive ones, the metals defining the value of the best credit cards. Best credit cards in business are platinum and titanium credit cards and they come loaded with benefits.

First and foremost benefit that accrues if one gets amongst one of the best credit cards on offer is the reward points that one accumulates from the usage of the cards. Depending upon the nature of the credit cards, the reward points also increase in the same proportion. If one has got the best credit cards available, then first and foremost advantage that one gets is of the longer period of credit, which can be extended to around fifty days as well. Period of fifty days on the best credit cards can be enjoyed if the purchase is timed around the statement due date or just one day before the statement of the credit card is to be generated. The cards are categorized into the best credit cards owing to certain tie-ups that the credit card providers enter into with merchant establishments.

These kinds of best credit cards are called as co-branded credit cards. The most popular category amongst the best credit cards of these kinds is the fuel cards, where the credit card company enters into a tie-up with a petroleum company. For every refueling that is done using this co-branded credit cards bonus points are accumulated which can be redeemed either by way of purchasing fuel or accessories. Another form of best credit cards on offer is the co-branded airlines card, which have come into vogue to cater to the frequent travelers traveling for business purposes.

As these kinds of trips are increasing, the credit cards have tie-up with various airlines. Now if one books a ticket through a co-branded airline credit card, apart from getting bonus flying miles, you also get free tickets and free hotel accommodations as well. The airlines also provide bonus flying miles, if the passengers check-in using the telephones. For a frequent flier, there is always a possibility of getting two-three return tickets free as a reward for booking tickets through credit cards.

Another variant of best credit cards that have come into vogue on account of advent of malls is the co-branded shopping cards. These variant of best credit cards are issued by the owners of the shopping establishments in association with a bank, which gives certain intangible benefits to the customers. Every time a best credit card which is a co-branded card is used at that particular departmental store, you get more bonus points, as also freebies are ensured along with certain purchases to reward loyalty.

To develop brand loyalty another new trend has come into vogue. The owners of different forms of best credit cards are also rewarded by various ways. This is done by extending an exclusive offer to shop during the times of sales before the sale is thrown open to the general public.