Online Credit Card Offers: How to Find the Right One

by : Edward Vegliante

At first glance, credit card offers may appear to be one and the same. Youve probably seen countless offers advertising 0% APR or a rewards program. After awhile, all the credit card applications that land in your mailbox begin to look alike.

Search online, however, and youll find sites that organize credit card offers into different categories. This makes it easy to spot their top features. Low interest, cash back, and airline cards are just a few of the offers you can choose from. After looking through the various options, you can decide which one best suits you. Following are some suggestions to think about as you study online credit card offers.

Know your Style

Before signing up for a card, think about your money habits. Everyone has a different spending style, and that can affect what kind of credit card you need. If you grew up in a household where savings was stressed, you may be used to staying debt-free. A credit card offer with a rewards program could be perfect for you. If you come from a high-spending background, you might be more inclined to shopping sprees. Low interest rates will help you keep debt in check if you regularly carry a balance on your credit card.

Recognize your Choices

Understanding your spending style will allow you to set priorities. Think about what is most important for your financial position. Then look for a card that will benefit you most. Here are some of the features you can choose from in online credit card offers:

Annual Percentage Rate (APR): APR refers to the cost of credit. It is presented as a percentage rate. Many online credit card offers come with an initial low or interest-free period. When that ends, a different, often higher, APR will set in. If you plan to have a card for a long time or carry a balance, a low APR will help you out.

Balance Transfer: Some credit card offers allow you to shift the balance on your current credit card over to the new one. This can be a way to get rid of outstanding debt. If the card offers a 0% APR introductory period on the balance transfer, you have some time to pay down the debt. You can get rid of the balance in a few months, and save yourself valuable money on interest.

Rewards: Many credit card offers include cash back bonuses, travel rewards, or gas rebates. If you use the credit card for daily expenses, and then pay off the balance each month, this type of card is perfect for you. Check the fine print to make sure you understand how the program works.

Additional benefits: Some cards include extra features, such as travel insurance or custom designs. Others offer no annual fee. Still others, like bad credit credit cards, focus on helping you rebuild your credit score. Be aware of these benefits as you look through the various credit card offers.

Searching online is perhaps the best way to sort through credit card offers. Set your priorities and then sift through the options. When you find the right card, apply online. The credit card, complete with the benefits for you, will arrive in your mailbox in just a few days.