4 Reasons Why you Need a Discover Credit Card in your Wallet

by : Max Anderson

At some point you're probably going to be asking yourself if you really "need" another credit card in your wallet and even if you do, why should it be a Discover credit card? Believe it or not, there are very valid reasons to carry a Discover credit card with you at all times. Here are the top four...

The Rewards Are Generous

Sure, there are more rewards cards out there than you can shake a stick at but the Discover credit card was the first and still manages to be one of the best. With up to 5 percent cash back on purchases made with the card and other special promotions, it's hard to beat what the Discover credit card has to offer.

Just how good do the deals get? Let's take your holiday shopping for example... If you use your Discover credit card at participating online retailers, you'll get a 5-percent cash-back reward. Use it at a participating shopping mall and you can get a $20 Discover gift card for every $200 you spend with the card (and that's on top your cash-back bonus).

Oh, and did we mention your rewards can be doubled? Choose to redeem your Discover credit card rewards at a participating retailer instead of getting cash back and your rewards double. It doesn't get much better than that.

Someone Watching Over You

Rewards aren't the only good thing about carrying a Discover credit card. This company also offers its cardholders complete fraud protection. With $0 fraud liability and temporary account numbers for online purchases, it's not hard to see why Discover credit cards are a favorite among those concerned with Internet security.

Free Travel Protection

Many credit card companies say they offer travel protection, but the Discover credit card really lives up to the promise. All Discover credit card holders receive up to $25,000 in car rental protection and $500,000 in flight accident insurance when using their card to pay for their travel needs.

Customer Service That's Anything But Sub-Par

The fourth (and perhaps most important) reason that a Discover credit card is one of the best you can carry is their level of customer service. We live in a day and age when many of the credit card companies seem to think great customer service is optional. Not Discover.

Discover prides itself on great customer service. If you have a Discover credit card you can enjoy hold times of less than one minute, e-mail reminders, self-serve website access to your account and other important customer service tools. When it comes to making customers happy, Discover leads the pack.

Still wondering what your next credit card should be? If you haven't yet opened up a Discover credit card account, give some serious thought to the above considerations. If you want the best, you probably want a Discover credit card.