Navigating Rewards Credit Cards to Find the Best Card for You

by : Lisa Nichols

Comparing rewards credit cards to find the best card for you takes time. You can choose from gas credit cards, travel rewards cards, cash back cards and more. Take the time to compare credit cards so you get the best deal and find the right card for your unique needs.

Rewards Credit Cards, Gas Credit Cards and Travel Rewards Cards

Rewards credit cards offer points to customers for making purchases using the card. The points can then be redeemed at online and in-store retailers. Gas credit cards are tied to specific gas stations and allow customers to earn extra points or cash back for using their card at the gas pump. Travel rewards cards are often tied into a specific airline or other method of transport like trains and cruises. Examine every offer for carefully, to learn more about when points expire and to find out if the card charges an annual fee. Look for gas credit cards and travel rewards cards that offer bonus points for signing up and additional opportunities to earn extra points.

Rake in the Dough with Cash Back Cards

Cash back cards give money back to customers for using the card. Payment is made to the customer by check. Some cash back cards will send the check at the end of the calendar year. The best rewards credit cards will send a check whenever it's available, upon customers' request. When comparing , look for cards that offer the highest rate of return and the lowest annual fee.

Comparing Credit Cards Using Consumer Reviews

Try using consumer reviews to find the best credit card for you. Consumer reviews can tell you if a particular gas credit card is worthwhile or if a travel rewards card lives up to its reputation. Credit card companies and comparison websites offer customers opportunities to rate and compare credit cards. If you find the reviews helpful, you can add your own review to the website to help someone else find the best credit card for their needs.