Faqs: Airline Mileage Credit Cards

by : Ann Wilson

Copyright (c) 2008 Ann Wilson

Let's talk about the most common questions asked about frequent flier miles credit cards. Know the answers to the questions before you start choosing your own frequent flier mile credit card issuer:

How do you earn miles points on these credit cards?

Generally, points are earned based on the amount of purchases charged on the credit card. For instance, most credit cards give one point for every dollar spent on the card. One point is equivalent to one mile. As the card holder gathers his miles points, he must reach the minimum number of miles in order to qualify for the free travel ticket. In some cases, miles points can double depending on the credit card issuer.

How do you redeem your miles points?

Most credit cards have affiliations with specific airlines or carriers. In this case, the card holder can only claim his free travel ticket or get a discounted rate if he purchases his ticket from the affiliated airline. That is why it is important to make sure that your frequent flier miles credit card has affiliations with the airline you usually fly with.

Will your points expire?

This condition depends on the terms of your credit card issuer. Some credit cards impose a blackout date where the card holder must claim his reward or collect enough points within a given period. There are frequent flier programs however that do not impose blackout dates or expiration. It is recommended to look for credit cards without blackout dates so that you can be sure to claim your reward without hassle.

Is there an annual fee?

Again, this particular condition depends on your frequent flier miles credit card issuer. Some credit cards do require an annual fee so it's important to check if the cost is reasonable enough for you to pay every year. The best travel reward credit cards are ones that have low annual fee so look for them in your search.

What about generic mileage credit cards?

Generic mileage credit cards are different from credit cards with frequent flier miles programs in the sense that it doesn't restrict you with just one specific airline or carrier. This means, you can choose the airline you want to purchase from or avail of your free ticket. Some consumers prefer to get generic mileage cards because it allows them to buy travel tickets that are sold at a discount. It also gives them more choices so waiting for available airline seats does not become a problem. Generic mileage cards also do not require an annual fee from their holders.

What is the advantage of frequent flier miles cards from generic mileage cards?

The advantage of frequent flier miles credit cards over generic mileage credit cards is that you can get more perks and additional travel privileges such as more discounts in hotel accommodations, car rentals, etc. Some frequent flier programs also allow its holders to double their miles points so you can collect more miles on your account.