Guard Your Loan And Credit Cards With Loan Protection Insurance

by : Simon Burgess

Anyone taking out either a loan or credit card is taking on a financial risk. If anything should happen, which would mean a huge change in your present circumstances you could find it impossible to continue meeting the repayments. If this happens and you get into debt, you will have the stigma of bad credit. Lenders in the future may be very reluctant to give you a loan. Unpaid debts would at the very least, see your credit rating drop drastically. This could be avoided simply by taking out loan protection insurance.

Incapacity can be caused by way of sickness, accident, or illness, which frequently happens. While you could be out of work for a just a few days, you might also have to take several months off work. Depending on the policy your employer has, you could receive very little by way of sickness pay. The sickness pay you did receive would have to stretch out, it would have to put food on the table, pay the mortgage and any other essential outgoings. Hopefully it might stretch to pay your loan and credit card repayment, but what if it does not?

Loan protection insurance does not have to be expensive, depending on where you choose to take it out. Very often when applying for the borrowing the lender will ask you if you wish to take out protection to cover the loan. However, you could perhaps it get cheaper if you look around online and get several quotes to make a comparison between different products. Providers will all offer different quotes and also offer different terms and conditions for their policy. Choosing to get quotes for protection with independent specialist providers will usually allow you to get cheaper premiums.

Some providers offer protection that would begin to provide you with benefit after being unemployed or incapacitated from the 30th day. Others might ask you to wait as much as 90 days before they will begin to provide you with an income. Certain providers will also backdate your policy to the very first day of you becoming unemployed or incapacitated. The same applies as to how long the cover would continue paying out. Some policies will payout a tax-free income for as long 12 months while with other providers you could get cover that might pay for 24 months.

You could be forgiven for thinking loan protection insurance is nothing but a "rip-off". There has in the past been plenty of bad publicity surrounding payment protection insurance. However while there has been problems within the sector, there has been many changes since under the watchful eye of the Office of Fair Trading and the Financial Services Authority. Providing you stick with standalone specialist providers who offer all the relevant information, payment protection products can and do work. All ethical providers will offer you the most information on their website which would allow you to read it over and the make the decision of whether you would be able to benefit from taking out cover. They should also ensure you have the key facts as these will tell you when you could expect to start receiving benefit and for how long it would payout. You can also check any exclusions which may apply that appear in the small print.