How To Get Free Travel From Using Your Credit Card

by : Teahupoo

Responsible use of your credit card allows flexibility and leverage as it helps people manage their money. By using the principle of interest rates in credit, it allows large and expensive purchases like buying furniture and appliances.

Payment for these large purchases can be extended over a specific period to make it more flexible for the credit user. The credit card company on the other hand is able to earn income charging interest rates for credit used over a specific period of time.

Credit card companies use as promotional or marketing strategies the giving of rewards to their card customers by giving points for every time they use their credit cards when making transactions. These reward points can be in a form of free gifts, appliances, electronic gadgets, cash rewards or travel miles.

The number of points per card transaction may depend on the amount purchased. For travel point rewards for example, a 1 dollar purchase transaction sometimes equals 1 travel reward mile. The number of travel miles will usually depend on the travel destinations, the credit card company's rewards program and the airline companies they have tied up with in their air miles points program.

Travel rewards from using credit cards in making purchases are quantified in air miles. Heavy credit card users are able to benefit from these programs the most as the huge accumulated points that they may make may already equal the points equivalent to one plane ticket. The more purchases a person does on his credit card, the more points his credit card rewards him and the person has the options to convert these to travel air miles.

To determine if the accumulated air miles rewards points a person has is enough to avail of a plane ticket, lets say flying domestic within the US, they can do this by checking with their credit card companies how much air miles they need to accumulate in order to avail of a plane ticket to their desired destination.

The number of accumulated air miles points on their card doesn't necessarily equal the actual miles required to make the trip. In order to determine the actual equivalent of miles their accumulated miles rewards points from their credit card purchases, they'll need to check with their credit card hotline numbers or from their credit card's consumer websites to receive more detailed information in determining how much actual miles their accumulated air miles reward points has made, how to claim them and how to work out the travel arrangements with the airline company the credit card company has tied up with regards to the travel rewards promotions.