Will Filing For Bankruptcy Haunt Me Forever

by : Eulalia Allmand

You may have filed for bankruptcy or are thinking about filing for bankruptcy, and are worried that it will haunt you forever.

Rather than focus on the perceived negative aspects, you should concentrate on the positive ones.

Bankruptcy Will Not Stay With You Forever

While it is true that bankruptcy will stay on your credit record for a period of 10 years after you have filed, you will still be able to increase your credit rating if you manage to clear all your debts.

Do not be worried about your credit rating when you file for bankruptcy. Chances are that it is in a bad state anyway, as you would have already been late on or defaulting in your payments.

Your credit rating will have reached its lowest point by the time you file for bankruptcy. After the filing, you will be able to concentrate on raising your rating again by making prompt payments in the future.

You Can Still Get a Loan after Filing for Bankruptcy

If you have maintained your new repayment schedule after filing for bankruptcy under chapter 13, then you can probably get a loan within a period of 2 years.

You will also be eligible for a secured credit card, where you might have to put up collateral equal to the amount of credit that you will be given.

As time passes by and your credit rating improves, you will be able to get a regular, unsecured card. The interest rates that you will be eligible for will probably start coming down as well, as you will be viewed as a better credit risk.

Keep in mind that if you file for bankruptcy for a second time within a span of a couple of years, it will definitely send up a red flag to potential lenders.

Bankruptcy Can Give You another Way to Repay Your Debt

Instead of thinking that your bankruptcy will haunt you forever, look at it as another way of getting another chance to repay your old debts in a much less stressful way.

This can slowly restore your confidence and self-esteem. Your lenders will also be appreciative if you stick to your repayment schedule. So stay mentally strong and control your finances, and give top priority to clearing off your old debts first.

Try to analyze the problems that caused you to file for bankruptcy and avoid falling into the same trap again. Keep an eye on your credit rating and get updated reports from the credit bureau regularly.

Keep Your Chin Up

Don't let filing for bankruptcy get you down. Treat it as a challenge, which will enable you to emerge as a stronger person.

Bankruptcy can be very testing financially and mentally. You should be prepared for a rough ride, but only for a limited period of time. Once your finances are in better shape and you have set a new level of control, then that period will soon be just a faded memory.

Remember that a bankruptcy will stay only for 10 years against your credit record. If you stick to your financial recovery plan, then you will be back on your feet in no time!