Womens Support Group to Get out Debt

by : Aliajae

Today American's owe 25 trillion dollars of debt according to Good House Keeping magazine; so many of our lives are disturbed by debt in one form or another.

Getting out of debt is so hard. Support is one of the major keys to getting out of debt. There is an online group for women called the "Women Red Racers" to help any woman in debt get out of debt.

The "Women's Red Racers" began in 2006. The have a growing community of women helping to get each other out of debt.

The success is amazing together they have paid off 1.6 million dollars. Just think only a community of 1,000 women has done this.

The awesome thing about this group of women is that they supported each other all the way through the process; each woman has learned so many cool tactics in paying off her debt.

Every woman is accountable to know down to the penny how much debt she has to pay back. Every woman who participates in this group must be honest about her situation. The women are also expected to share their progress on a weekly basis.

The members of this online community are open when they have failed in paying off their debt. The other women come alongside them and help them get back on track.They have each paid off about $3800 and one woman has paid off $10,000.

These women know what they are doing and they work hard to pay debts two to three times in a month. That is why it is very important to stay connected to the group on a weekly basis, because you will get a lot encouragement while paying off debt with this strategy.

The women in this group throws all their credit cards away. They will only kepp one for emergency situations.

When someone in the group reaches her goal she is given a smiley on the forum. "Women Red Racers" might sound a little competitive, but really they just like to challenge one another in a supportive way.

If one of the member falls down they are so great about lifting each other up, to get started go to moneycentral.msn.com/community/mesaage/board.asp