Do Not Put Yourself In Debt

by : Jerry Leung

You will be in debt if you spend more than what you can earn. However, many people are just so stupid to do this. You will just make the lender become rich if you try to get a loan. However, you should try your best to make yourself to have financial independence but not to help the lender to achieve financial freedom.

As a result, you should think thoroughly before you make any decision on purchase. Of course you will have no choice to purchase items such as food. You will need the food otherwise you will die. On the contrary, you should try not to spend money on something unimportant. A lot of teenagers in fact buy useless things from time to time. It can be alright if you are still a teenager. As a matter of fact they will have a weaker concept on the notion of personal finance. However, you should not be like that if you are an adult.

So what should you consider before making the decision of purchase? Of course you will certainly need to consider the price. Do not think of buying it if you think it is too expensive. Besides, if it is no something urgent, you should buy it only when it is on sale.

As mentioned, there are things you will need to maintain your living standard. However, in most cases we buy something just because we want it. Remember, you should only buy it if you need it, unless you have a lot of extra cash. When it comes to the idea of cash, you should also try to pay by cash if possible. You should avoid using credit cards. You will need to make sure that you have enough cash in your bank account if you are planning to use your credit card to purchase. You should never think of using cash advance from your credit cards to buy anything.

You should also try your best to avoid any bad debt. A bad debt is any debt apart from mortgage, education loan and business loans. You should try every method to run away from the bad debts otherwise you will find it extremely difficult to achieve your financial goals.

In a nutshell, it will be perfect if you are not in debt. If you are already in debt, you should try to get rid of your debt. You will find how you can live differently if you are not in debt.