Yard Sale Your Way to Paying Off $2,200 in Debt

by : Justin V. Cecil

I recently heard a number that somewhat surprised me.? And truthfully, I heard it in passing on television, so I am not going to guarantee the fact or the source, but the general idea was that the average American family has $2,200 in personal belongings just lying around the house that are never used.? Actually, I know several families that probably have much more, but we are using averages here.? Just think about all the:

???????? Clothes

???????? Toys

???????? Electronics

???????? Furniture and more.

You have these items that you think may be junk, but to someone they could be used.? No you may not have a yard sale and make $2,200, but let me give you a great example of what my wife and I have done in the past.

It was early in our marriage, and we were still in college and just happened to be renting a small home on a major highway.? Every year, there is a major yard sale that runs along the entire stretch of this highway through three states, called the 127 Corridor Sale.? So, we decided to have a yard sale on the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the major yard sale to help pay our college tuition and books.? And remember, we were young and really just had junk lying around the house.? We didn't expect much, but by Saturday evening when we closed up for the week, we counted our money and had made $1,200.00.

Granted, those were outstanding circumstances, but the fact still exists that everyone has some stuff they can part with.? So, stop hoarding up your junk and sell it today.? Just remember to plan out the yard sale before just jumping in.? An organized yard sale always makes more money than just junk lying on a table with no price.

If you do happen to have a yard sale or garage sale and make $2,200, then that is awesome.? Now, before you doing something stupid like blow your money on a new Plasma TV, think about that credit card balance, and make the decision to pay it off, and then cut it up.? In the long run you will like yourself much better!? Trust me; I've been in both places.?