Spot The Fake, Go For The Right Debt Consultation Agency

by : John Porter

The growth in the numbers of debt consultation agencies has both its advantages and drawbacks. While there are quite few extremely efficient and resourceful services which really put in their best to pull their clients out of their consumer debt, there are also a few who are here in the disguise of a debt consultation agency, but would just want to make more money.

They will care little about their clients and their welfare. And it is this group of service providers that give a bad name to the entire industry and the better players have to fight public criticism and cynicism to establish themselves.

The real challenge for any individual is to know which debt consolidation firm is reliable and trustworthy. The best option would be to go for a non-profit community-based debt consultation firm. Since their main intention is to help you out of your troubles and not to make profits, their advice will be impartial and objective. Their recommendations will be made by keeping the client's best interests in mind.

If you cannot locate any such community-based non-profit debt consolidation service then go for the ones which have been around for a considerable number of years. That they have survived shows that their service has been appreciated, was of help and kept the best interests of the client in mind. Also, with more years behind them they will have the experience on how to deal with debt situations better than new agencies.

There are other indicators too for a good firm. They will most probably have high ratings from the better business bureau and a respected agency should be listed with the local chamber of commerce. If you come across an agency with such credentials, you might well want to have an appointment with them.

But before you personally meet with the agency's representative, it would be wise to talk to some of their former clients. Ask the agency for a reference list and contact a few of the agency's former clients and hear what they have to say about the agency. Such feedback can go a long way in allowing you to decide which debt consolidation agency will be right for you.

These were some of the pointers on how to look for a quality debt consolidation agency. You have to put in some effort and will of course have to use your common sense.