A Romantic Wedding Destination In The Golden Triangle

by : Peter R Stewart

A Romantic Wedding Destination could be The Four Seasons Tented Camp in the Golden Triangle on the borders of Thailand. It is perfectly legal to get married in Thailand, so it should be perfectly possible to do the deed at the Four Seasons Tented Camp, which after all is an hotel anyway.

Even if the Romantic wedding destination were to be in a hotel in Bangkok, then the Golden Triangle would make such a fabulous romantic destination for a honeymoon.

Just getting to the Four Seasons Tented Camp in the Golden Triangle is a journey of which dreams are made of.

Even if it isn't to be a romantic wedding destination you will be treated like royalty from the moment you arrive at Chiang Rai Airport, and escorted to your Land Rover for the one hour fifteen minute journey on dirt roads through jungle, bags carried refreshments and cold towels as well.

Arrival at a hut on the other side of the river from the Four Seasons Tented Camp, your luggage will vanish and reappear in your tent, life jackets will be donned, and you will board a traditional Thai Boat. You will see the Elephant Camp, where you will spend time with the elephants, and the Burma Bar where you will spend time with the cocktails watching the sunset over Burma!! You will be staggered that one end to the other the Four Seasons Tented Camp is half a mile.

This whole journey and arrival is about as exotic as it can get. A journey by riverboat through exotic bamboo jungles to a corner of the world known as the Golden Triangle on the border of Thailand where it meets two other countries, you will reach the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle. An arrival where you bang a gong three times before ascending the stairs.

Here you will find a luxurious camp of fifteen well spaced tents high up on the banks of the Ruak River, but these aren't tents like boy scout tents. Firstly they are suspended over the jungle like a treehouse on stilts.

These are splendid affairs with everything a lovely shade of cream, and not the green of canvas.

Huge soft beds, either Kingsize or two Queensize with feather pillows, how luxurious and a perfect romantic travel destination!!

The bath is hammered copper, and is big enough to fit two, but typically if you are in the Silver tent which is at the edge of the property then your bath will be silver!! In addition there is an outdoor shower, with amazing views, and a verandah which is almost as big as your room.

If your final romantic destination is to be the Silver tent, then you are in for a hike, which is up hill and down dale including steps, and crossing a suspended bridge. Incidentally each time you cross it, you will hear the Indiana Jones music playing, how over the top is that!!

When you want to go anywhere you will be accompanied with or without lanterns but always a guide if you want although you will be equipped with flashlights. The attention to detail from the staff is quite outstanding, they are always there when needed, but totally unobtrusive when not

The meals, and this is an all inclusive hotel, and this means drinks as well, are a Thai/Burmese/Laotian variety, and you will find there is something for everyone, and the quality is quite magnificent.

Whatever you do at this romantic travel destination you must take the tour, firstly escorted to the Golden Triangle by boat and sit on the Mekong River in Thailand, Burma and Laos all at the same time.

Don't miss the elephants either, for you will spend a day Elephant Mahout Training and the Jungle Trek after you have learned what to do.

This day is unforgettable as will be your stay at The Four Seasons Tented Camp at the Golden Triangle. No children, no Televisions, an ideal romantic wedding destination or a very romantic destination. It's expensive but amazing, and in this life you tend to get what you are prepared to pay for.

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