A Wedding In Tahitian Style Is Truly A Great Experience

by : Wolfgang Jaegel

French Polynesia, otherwise known as Tahitian Islands, is a gorgeous assortment of more than 115 volcanic islands and islets strewn across the awe-inspiring South Pacific Ocean. With Tahiti as its main island, French Polynesia's each island is stupendous and a vacation to which would be an unforgettable experience.

However, rather than a vacation destination, Tahitian Islands are much famed as a romantic destination, and hence considered a great location to renew marriage vows as well as to experience an unforgettable honeymoon. Some acknowledge Tahiti as the Garden of Eden, due to its exceptional serenity, isolated islands, beautiful beaches, tranquil lagoons, awesome scenery, and sparkling blue sea, all of which in turn provide a perfect base to rekindle romantic feelings among the couples.

In short, no matter you are honeymooners, newly weds, to be wed, or couples who want to strengthen their love for each other, it is definite that a romantic vacation to Tahiti and her islands would be great and lasts for a life time.

Many of the couples touring to Tahiti begin their honeymoon or celebrate their anniversaries by celebrating a wedding in traditional Tahitian style. A Polynesian style traditional wedding is truly a great experience, and it can be as simple as a sunset ceremony on a secluded beach coupled with the service of priest and presence of Tahitian music and dance or as extravagant like a royal event.

In fact, it is all up to you on to choose an option that best fits your dream and budget. However, for those couples or lovers who want to be done it in a traditional style, head to Tiki Village Theater, a traditional Tahitian village where a number of craftsmen live and work.

With splendid Tahitian party nights and performances of more than 50 dancers including fire dancers, musicians, and artistes, wedding ceremonies in Tiki village is not only memorable but also interesting.

As the couples arrive by canoe from hotel, the villagers greet them, and then the bride to be is taken to a bamboo hut by village women in order to massage her with aromatic oils and dress her like a princess with traditional costumes and exotic flowers. On the other hand, the groom is taken to a nearby village in order to get tattooed and dress him akin to a High Chief.

After this, the groom returns to the village, where he is welcomed by his bride as well as villagers. Then, the village priest would conduct the ceremony in accompaniment of performances made by traditional dancers and musicians. On completion of the wedding rituals and ceremonies, the couples would be given a bottle of champagne and a traditional style marriage certificate made of Tapa.

Tiki village allows to choose from three types of wedding ceremonies such as the Princess Wedding, the Royal Wedding, and the Royal Deluxe wedding. The Princess wedding is complete with a wedding ceremony conducted by the High Priest as well as the Chief of the village, traditional dance and music, crowns of flowers for couples, and transportation to return the hotel.

Included in the Royal Wedding are arrival of bride and groom from the hotel by canoe, strong Polynesian warriors carrying couples in a royal chair, romantic cruise, and first night on the Royal Tahitian Floating House. In the case of the Royal Deluxe Wedding, it covers a spectacular Tahitian dance show and a night on the Royal Tahitian floating house, apart from the wedding ceremony.

Since the Tahitian marriage is not considered legal, it is advisable for couples to get married at their native places and then come here to renew your vows in traditional Tahitian style. Further, in order to get married at Tahiti, the couples are required to produce certain documents including certificate of residency proving at least one month of stay at the destination, birth certificate of both bride and groom translated into French, premarital marriage certificate, certificate of celibacy, and customary certificate.

Nowadays, majority of the top class hotels and resorts spread across the French Polynesian islands such as Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea, render world class services for honeymooners and newly weds to conduct weddings in the destination.

Many of them provide superb wedding packages coupled with the services of an expert wedding planner, romantic dinner, accommodation with champagne, fruits, and flowers, and pictures of the ceremony. Some even offer packages that include facilities to enjoy a range of activities from water sport activities and eco tours to spa facilities.