Military Loan? Can I Get One?

by : Derek Smiley

Military loans can only be taken out by military personel. This does include retired and reserve. Computer technology has made it possible to get this type of finance worldwide and normally at a better rate. Their is special software designed to find you the best deal, so ensure your military financial advisor has the necessary technology to give you and your family the best deal.

Loans to military personnel come in various forms. Military loans, advance military loans, military payday loans and VA loans are all benefits available to our men and women in uniform. Regardless of the state of your personal finances, even if you have bad credit, there are US military loans that can help you get get your financial life back in order again.

Your loan application can be processed regardless of your location or deployment. If you are on a secret mission, this may not apply! Military loan monies can then be deposited directly into your stateside bank. In completing your loan application, you will work with a military loans financial lending specialist who, like you, has served in the military and will relate with your needs and circunstances. here are some questions answered.

1. Is it true you do not actually have to be a member of the armed services to get a military loan

Completely false, loans to military personnel is an exclusive service for active duty and retired personnel of the US Military. Typically, they will have a lower interest rates than others of their kind. They can be used for different purposes such as DIY home improvements, home repairs, school fees or to go on a vacation. Service military members and their spouses must be members of the Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Air National Guard or any Reserves.

2. Military loans are not offered unsecured are only offered as a secured i.e. against your property, automobile etc.

Totally False They are typically unsecured, meaning none of your assets are needed as collateral or could be seized by default. The military borrower can pay the principal off early without any interest, fees or penalties. If the military borrower has a good credit, the people lending the money is more likely to give a good interest rate.

3. Loans to military personnel, like any other loan, must be paid back.

Absolutely True. A military loan usually have a lower interest rates and certain special advantages. However, they are still a note that a borrower signs that must be paid back. Like with all financing, military financing requires good financial management. A court marshall or bad conduct dismissal could ensue if you do not pay the monies back.

The only exemption here is that military personnel who have been deployed or mobilized home or overseas, are not required to make their student loan payments during their absences.Furniture and auto loans etc. not in the program are required to be payed.

Federal regulations require lenders to postpone the student loan program payments of active duty military personnel. This applies to members of the National Guard and Ready Reserves who have been called to active duty, as well as to active duty personnel whose duty station has been changed as a result of a military mobilization.

4. Even if you are stationed overseas you can get military loans.

So True. If for example you are in Lakenheath or Mildenhall in the UK you can get a loan there and have it transferred into a UK or US bank. Most military lenders offer direct deposit, and the funds are available for immediate withdrawal. So, the funds can be deposited directly into any stateside bank and into most U.S. baking institutions overseas.

The funds can also be mailed to the military borrower if they are not in proximity to an electronically compatible financial institution. Repayment can also be done through direct withdrawal of the borrower's main banking account or paycheck. Loans to military personnel is at the discretion of the lender.