Get Help When It Comes To Taking Out A Property Development Loan

by : Sean Horton

When it comes to taking out a property development loan you would be wise to learn as much as possible before rushing into taking out finance. If you want advice and help then a specialist website will offer it. They will also be able to shop around for the cheapest interest rate on your behalf and secure you the best deal. A specialist broker will have experience in finding lenders and matching them with those looking for a development loan.

Loans taken out for property development are unlike a personal loan. Usually for one a development loan can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds depending on the type and size of project you are taking on. The loan will be based on what you are intending to do, the size of the project, your experience in property development and the sector at the time.

While the interest rate will vary based on all the above, as a general guide the rate will be somewhere in the region of 1.5% and 2.5%. You are able to take out the loan over many years or as little as 1 year depending on the projects size. If you work with a broker from the start and allow them to help you with your proposal this will get you off the smoothest start possible.

If you are proposing a very large project and borrowing a huge amount of money then an interest only property development loan might be more suitable. This will allow you to repay only the interest that builds up on the loan. While your monthly repayments will be lower than had you chosen a repayment loan you will have to have the money in place to pay off the original amount you borrowed when the loan reaches term. A specialist will be able to go through the full advantages and disadvantages to both before searching for the best deal based on your needs.

If you choose a repayment loan then the monthly repayments will shoot up considerably but you will have peace of mind you owe nothing else. When you have paid the loan for its term there is nothing left owing as your monthly repayments would take a little off both the interest and capitol.

One very important factor that you should take into consideration before even attempting to secure a loan is to have all the necessary planning in place. Without confirmation that you do have planning permission a lender will be very reluctant to offer you finance at any rate.

While you will have to pay brokers fees you can still make savings when it comes to a property development loan. An individual does not have access to the same lenders that a broker does. A broker will work with you throughout the entirety of the project and then know from experience which lenders are more likely to offer the best rates based on your needs. All loans are tailored to the individual and using a broker is the fastest and easiest way to get access to the whole of the UK market place.