Shipping the Gifts You Buy

by : Vgevge

You have bought the gift, you are ready to send it off to the recipient and now begins the process of trying to figure out how to get it to them -- on time and in one piece.

When packaging a box, do not use masking, duct, cellophane or electrical tape to seal. These tapes do not have enough strength to hold a box together and may actually block an address label. The best idea is to use packing tape, and firmly seal the entire box. One strip of tape will not be enough.

Never tie your package with rope, string or elastic bands because these can jam up automated sorter machines at the post office, ruining your gift and resulting in it never getting to its desired location.

Holiday wrapping belongs on a present in the box, not on the box you are shipping, so do not use it on the outside.

Like with string, you can jam up the automated sorter if anything is protruding from your box. Make sure everything is packed tightly and there is no chance anything can come out.

Shipping instructions are important and you have to make sure you put the complete address, phone number and name on the box. Clearly label everything and do not use a gel pen. Water could make it run and result in it not arriving at the destination.

Make sure that there are no rips in the box. If there are, you risk that the box will open or completely rip apart through the rigors of moving it.

Cardboard inserts can be used to protect the edges of books and other items that need to be protected. Put these in the corner of the box as well to give it extra strength. As well, make sure you use a great deal of packing chips to fill in the empty spaces in parcels that contain gifts that are fragile or lightweight.

You will be provided with a tracking number for your parcel. Make sure you hold onto this and check it daily so you know where the box is, when it will arrive and whether or not something has happened which could jeopardize the box arriving at its desired destination.

By going the extra mile and making sure the box is packed well, labeled well and in good shape, you can ensure that the gift you thought so long and hard about will arrive at the correct location, on time.