Award-winning Boston Schools

by : Patricia Hawke

Attending an excellent public school is one of any parents highest priorities. For those living in or considering a move to Boston, the award-winning Boston Schools are an excellent choice. Boston Schools and their governing board have the following plan in place to continue the excellence that is the most appealing feature for parents and the community.

A national commendation to the district of Boston Schools was recently awarded by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA). The award considers a variety of print and on-line publications in its annual awards competition. Publications of two Boston Schools have earned Awards of Excellence: the Boston Public Schools Career and College Guide, and The Boston Educator.

“Effective communication is critical to engaging students, families, staff, and the community in the success of Boston Schools," said Superintendent Michael G. Contompasis. “I am pleased that our improved communications efforts have been recognized, and I congratulate the Boston Schools staff and external partners who worked to create these award-winning products."

On September 19, 2006, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, School Committee Chair Elizabeth Reilinger, and Interim Superintendent Michael Contompasis traveled to New York City to accept the Broad Prize for Urban Education from Eli Broad and the Broad Foundation as the most improved urban school district in the country. The Broad Prize includes $500,000 in scholarship money for the students of Boston Schools. This was Boston's fifth year as a finalist. Boston has earned a total of $1 million in scholarship money, having earned $500,000 total for being selected as a finalist in the previous four years.

"… the School Committee, Superintendent Contompasis and his staff have been working hard to accelerate the improvement in all of the city's schools," Mayor Menino said. "This award today could not have been accomplished without the hard work of the staff in Boston Schools and of the students and their families who make Boston Schools an exciting place to be and a great place to learn."

There are 146 schools in the district of Boston Schools. The enrollment in Boston Schools is 57,000 students.

Boston Schools have a unique history; it is the first district in the United States to open a school; the Boston Latin School was founded in 1635, and Mather, the oldest public elementary school opened it doors in 1639. The public school system in Boston Schools is the oldest public school system, started in 1647, and opened the nation’s first public high school in 1821.

Truly, a public school system that serves, that has a rich history, and continues to be recognized nationally, is one that all Boston Schools parents (or parents considering a move to a new city) should consider enrolling their children in.