Siemens Telephone Systems & Nortel Phone Systems

by : Groshan Fabiola

The way in which the world communicated was completely changed with the invention of the telephone. The advancements in technology that we have experienced have influenced the communication world a great deal. Telephones have become indispensable for both personal and professional use.

The business world is a very competitive one and keeping up with the latest and the most performing devices is a must in order to survive and function in this world. Each company or corporation has specific needs and requirements as far as their communication systems are concerned. But today's communication devices are so advanced and diverse that their functionality could leave many people speechless. In other words, the business telephone systems employed by so many corporations have an overwhelming number of functions, all designed with the ultimate purpose of rendering the utmost performance to the company or corporation in question.

Along with facilitating the diversification of business operations and the significant improvement of customer service, business telephone systems are very cost-effective, as charges are reduced considerably.

There is a wide range of business telephone systems to choose from and, as has been said before, each company or corporation has specific needs that these systems have to meet in order to acquire performance. Therefore, before opting for a particular telephone system, you must assess the extent to which it is suitable for your company.

The Siemens telephone systems and the Nortel phone systems are two very good options, as well as two of the most famous and competitive on the market. The Siemens telephone systems are the ideal solution for every workplace. Companies can take full advantage of the applications of the Siemens telephone systems, by adding such applications in order to tailor their business. If you are one of those companies that are continuously struggling to offer their customers the best possible service while efficiently managing employees and suppliers, then the Siemens telephone systems are ideal for your company.

The Siemens telephone systems come with increased security, great flexibility and mobility and, above all, convenience. Internet access, telephony and network are all possible with just one communication system.

The Nortel phone systems deliver businesses of all sizes a converged data and voice solution, which provides a choice of pure-IP or IP-enabled strategy. Businesses of all sizes require features such as telephony, multimedia call center, unified messaging, IP routing, interactive voice response, and so forth.

The Business Communication Manager offers customers the renowned reliability of the Nortel phone systems, as well as market leading technology and an unparalleled choice.

The key features of the Nortel phone systems include: digital and IP telephony, Interactive Voice Response, Virtual Private Networks, centralized configuration and management, simplified network infrastructure, call center applications, unified messaging, integrated firewall and security measures, etc.

With the Nortel phone systems, companies can adopt IP-based solutions at their own pace. Both IP and digital telephony are supported in a single unit, which is cost-effective, as well as easy to manage.

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