Searchinform Software | Searchinform Search Engine Benefits

by : Alena Siameshka

SearchInform search engine includes tools necessary for structuring scattered information in the enterprise’s framework and presents an effective solution for any problem connected to information retrieval and document management.
The main advantage and what distinguished SearchInform search engine from all analogous programs is a patented by SearchInform Technologies Inc similar and full text search technology, searching the document content for the text similar to the query. This unique feature lets you effectively solve the majority of information retrieval and document management problems.
With the help of SearchInform search engine, you’ll find any document located in your hard drive, database or in the enterprise’s local network in a matter of seconds. High indexing speed (up to 30 Gb/hour), small index size (15-20% of the actual text data size), support of practically all widespread text file formats (including .pdf ? .html) and correct work with archives made SearchInform search engine an irreplaceable tool for information search.

Main features of SearchInform:
- Phrase search with due consideration to stemming and thesaurus
- New SoftInform Search Technology of search for similar documents
- High indexing speed (from 15 to 30 Gb/hour),
- Index size of 15-25% from the actual size of the text data
- Query caching system
- Support of over 60 most popular text formats, Outlook & TheBat electronic messages, mp3 & avi tags, and logs of MSN and ICQ instant messaging programs
- Correct work with archives
- Universal data sources (indexing of DBMS)

About SearchInform Technologies
SearchInform Technologies was founded in 1995 and has been operating in the area of information technologies with special focus on information searching, storing and processing. The range of company’s products is quite large and encompasses from mass production of single user-oriented products to ready business solutions to be integrated into corporate systems. Owing to its extensive experience in various projects, the company offers its services on developing custom information systems of any complexity.