Sim Free Phones - Celebrate Freedom

by : Adam Caitlin

Mobile phone has been such a phenomenal hit because it empowers people to enjoy the true taste of freedom. One stays connected no matter where he is, no matter what time it is. This means no more staying indoors to receive calls or pending works. But in the modern time, where there is a flood of service providers in the market, do you really think that you and your mobile are FREE?

Well most of us are surely not. And that is because we have locked our mobile, through a contract deal with our service provider. We may think its cheaper, securer and reaps great benefits, but in reality its just a way of trapping the customers. But if you desire to come out of the web, its time for you to resort to SIM FREE mobiles.

Sim Free mobiles are a revolutionary concept. These are GSM handset that are devoid of Sim card or line. In other words, they are not attached to any particular network, but supports one when a SIM card (of a particular network) is put within. It means there is no contract and risk involved. Thus, one is free to exercise the kind of choice and freedom one want to. This comes specially suitable in the conditions where one is not happy with the present service provider. Simply insert the SIM card of the desired connection and stay connected without any breach of contracts.

Sim free mobiles are also preferred when one is on tours or is roaming. Normally, a user needs to pay exorbitant fee to the provider as the roaming charges and indulge in unnecessary hassle. But with a Sim free mobile, things are much easier. One can simply opt for a local connection and continue being mobile.

Sim free mobiles also give you the power to upgrade your mobile as and when you desire, and if you do not want to quit the existing plan. All one needs is a SIM free phone, where one can put in the existing SIM card. These handsets are pre-designed to support Dual-band, Tri-band or Quad-band GSM networks.

The concept of Sim free mobiles are gearing up as more and more people are discovering the freedom and choice associated with this. Sim free mobiles are indeed one of the most sought after technological breakthrough.