Contract Phones: Get Free Top of the Line Handset

by : Alice Erin

There are some mobile plans available in UK telecom market that binds you to a particular network provider for a specified period. These are called contract mobile phones. Normally, contract mobile phones have a fix term of 12, 18 or 24 months. The network provider gives you a free handset in case of contract mobile phones. Once the contract period expires, the mobile phone becomes your exclusive property.

Contact phone deals bring huge advantages to the mobile users. Apart from free top of the line handsets, they also get free line rentals, inclusive talk time and texts, free insurance on handset and several economical plans to select from.

The mobile network providers and retailers offer contract phone deals to ensure that you stick to a particular network and do not switch over to the competitor with in the contract period. However, if you later on want to change the network, you can get your handset unlocked by paying little charges. Once the contract period is over, it is absolutely legal to do so.

All the UK network providers like 3, O2, Orange, T Mobile and Vodafone offer contract phones. The mobile user needs to pay line rental on monthly basis. There are different plans available for the mobile users involving varying line rentals. You can choose the plan depending upon your requirement and usage. Contract phone deals come in different combinations like you can get LG mobile phones with 3 network or Motorola phones with O2 network and so on. Different combinations and different deals allow you to choose the contract phone that comes with your favourite network.

Before entering a contract phone deal, you should check out all the details of the mobile plan you are opting for. There may be a cost involved in leaving the contract before the expiry of the term. So, it is better to know in advance the amount of penalty that you may have to put up with for breaking the existing contract.

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