Benq-siemens E61 - Small Yet Powerful Technological Wonder

by : Gregory Gibson

BenQ Siemens E61 is a colourful mobile phone that is a technological marvel bundled in a small handset. The design of the mobile phone is classic candy bar shape. The choice of colour brings a life to this handset. The mobile phone is thick on the top and bit thin on the bottom side.

The screen of the mobile phone is 128×160 pixels 65K TFT colour. Though the screen resolution as well as screen size is small, it radiates a feeling of small yet trendy mobile phone model. Along with these features, BenQ Siemens E61 has tons of other features too. With the help of 4x digital zoom camera you can enlarge an image up to 4 times the original. After clicking these images, you can store it easily in the mobile phone. One is also able to shoot video sequence with the aid of this camera.

Internal memory is small considering its features such as imaging and video capture. However, the memory is extendable with the help of Micro SD� Memory Card. BenQ Siemens E61 gives out a talk time of 3 hours or 215 hours of standby time. This handset weighs 88 grams and has dimensions of 101×44×17mm.

Whether you wish to send MMS, EMS or SMS all can be done with its aid. One also has a button entirely dedicated to music. With the click of this button, you can start listening to your favourite piece of music. You can also play embedded and Javaâ„? games in your BenQ Siemens E61. This tri band mobile phone supports GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 networks. For browsing through internet, it connects via WAP, WML and GPRS technology.

The USB connection in it gives you the power to transfer all your files back and forth from PC and vice versa. Thus, you can connect to laptops, PCs, PDAs and printers using this connection. You can also download and transfer information with the help of GPRS facility that comes with BenQ Siemens E61.

Order and buy BenQ Siemens E61 only after going through online reviews as these reviews help you in providing detailed information on the handset. After going through these online reviews seek for a mobile phone store that quotes minimal price. The price structure of various online mobile stores may vary as they give out different kinds of discounts. Order and buy this mobile phone but be sure to do some spadework to find the ultimate BenQ Siemens E61 mobile phone deal.