Mobiles Phones Go back to Basics

by : Gary Parsons

You want a phone without a camera and one doesn't come with earphones to listen to gigabytes of music...

Well it looks like now is your time. Nokia and Sony Ericsson are amongst the first manufacturers to begin releasing entry-level mobile phones and are hoping to increase their sales by 3bn units; mainly within developing countries such as China, India, South-East Asia and Africa where levels of penetration into the market are still relatively low.

Sony Ericsson is releasing the T250a; a phone which they hope will keep in line with their existing range of mobile phones but without all the features of the biggest selling models of the moment. The phone will still have the usual FM Radio and camera for taking pictures but only matches the quality to be expected of an entry-level model.

Nokia are looking at releasing three phones;

The 2610, the senior of all phones, is one of the first entry level phones to be released that will support web access and email support. This phone will have all the basic features, excluding a camera and is seen as an ideal phone for business users.

The 2310 reminds us of past times when we were able to change our covers as and when we pleased. Obviously this phone is targeted for the more fashion and music minded of us. This phone is great for the pre-paid customer who receives updates at the end of each call with their remaining balance.

The 1112, probably one the easiest phones out of the three, comes complete with a demo of all it's functions for those that understand mobile phone technology the least.

Both Samsung and Motorola have also been releasing affordable entry-level phones for some time now, on occasion surpassing the features on their own mid-range models.

Although were seeing our phones capabilities and technology on the increase, it's great to see that those of us who want a phone to simply make and receive calls have finally been given thought to and should expect to see some great mobile phone deals on the market within the coming months.