The World of Caling Cards

by : sanchos

Whenever you want to call your friend in Spain, the best thing you can do is to buy Calling Card Spain. In most cases this is the cheapest way to connect another country. Ever wondered what a calling card is? Here is a definition for you. Generally, it's a small plastic card resembling a credit card that you can use to pay for telephone calls. There are a lot of such cards specially designed for calls abroad. Moreover, special cards for specific countries. That's why we use such terms as India Calling card, Calling Card Brazil, etc. Some of such cards can be used to call to some specific set of the countries. Calling cards may vary as to when they expire; some are one year, six months or ninety days from the first day of use. Phone card offerings cover all possible destinations; whether you need to call locally or contact somebody from another continent (long distance calls), you will always find the best solution. These cards provide you with flexibility and usability when calling. Many telecommunication providers offer flexible discount system for returned clients allowing you to save money when buying calling cards.

Usually, there are two ways of payment with such cards: prepaid credit system (stored-value cards) and credit card style system (telephone accounts). If, for example, you buy â‚?20 prepaid Nigeria Calling card this means that payment for each call you make to Nigeria is deducted from this amount until it is exhausted. Then you dispose the card and buy another one. The second way of payment assumes that you have some amount on your account of specific telecommunication
provider and use your phone card to access it. You need to call special access number printed on the calling card and following some instructions enter the card's PIN using any tone-mode phone in order to pay for your calls.

Nowadays the third type of calling cards is becoming more common: electronic cards or calling accounts. These are virtual cards: calling account can be purchased over the Internet using regular credit cards and are delivered to you instantly via e-mail. There is no need to print any physical card. You can use the PIN code and instructions sent to you by e-mail as your, say, Jamaica Calling Card. This way definitely helps to reduce costs and to increase convenience.

Many of telecommunication companies use the calling cards as an advantage to place advertising on them or to feature attractive photographs, artwork, and celebrity portraits to increase the appeal of the calling cards to customers. Such cards are usually disposable, encouraging people to buy multiple cards. That's why this practice has led some people to start collecting these small "masterpieces" as a hobby. This calling card collecting hobby has been very popular since
ninetieth years of the last century and its height in the late 1990s, over two million people collected phone cards.

So, buy a call card and get in touch with your friends, family members, and work partners whenever you wish.