Orange Spv M700: Help Desk on Work...always

by : Carly

Making a lot of things easier for you, present digital assistant devices are too good to be your reliable professional pals. The Orange SPV M700 is also a personal digital assistant, which comes with a balanced profile to take a very good care of your professional needs. Actually, the Orange SPV M700 is specifically designed for business professionals and busy workaholics, who do not want to waste a single second of their highly busy lives. Besides being a reliable gadget, the Orange SPV M700 also looks good in its overall profile. It has been duly finished up with various latest functionalities to enable you manage all your tasks in the easiest possible way. It comes in two simple colours with Black and White. You would find it quite easy to carry around, as it comes with a smooth and glossy surface.

The Orange SPV M700 is a consummate personal assistant, which can make a lot of things easier for you. It uses the popular Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 platform to run various sorts of computer based applications. Well, this PDA device supports the popular Tri-Band technology with HSDPA and UMTS to enable you enjoy unparalleled connectivity with high-speed Internet. Hence, you get that desired connectivity with your Orange SPV M700 - throughout the whole world.

There are other superb connectivity features with Infrared, Bluetooth which enables you to make the most with wireless data exchange. On the other hand, it also comes with USB port, which allows you to transfer all your data from your computer to the mobile handset by using a wire. Besides that, it is also conferred with Wi-Fi, which enables you to enjoy wireless Internet access. The Orange SPV M700 is endowed with two cameras, with a 2 mega pixels camera, which is used for imaging and another camera, which lets you enjoy video calling. Thus, the Orange SPV M700 provides the desired digital assistant, which you would certainly relish in your mobile phone.