Moto Razr 2: Sleek and Stylish Clamshell

by : Alice Erin

Motorola is known for its amazing style and functionality with an impressive host of multimedia, gaming, and video features. The Motorola phones are a big entertainment package. The high-end Motorola phones attract the mobile phone users with its looks and features. The demands of mobile phone users are growing day by day and various innovative technologies are being incorporated in the latest mobile phones to fulfill their demands. The renowned players like Motorola, Samsung, Nokia and LG are constantly coming up with new sophisticated designs and advanced technologies.

In the present mobile age, various mobile phone manufacturers are showcasing their mettle in the online market to attract the mobile lovers across the world. Motorola aims to strengthen its portfolio with high performance phones loaded with up to date technologies in compact casings.

The latest Motorola phone to hit the market is Motorola Razr2 that comes with a sleek new look. The astounding multimedia features of the handset include 2.0 megapixel camera, Windows Media Player 11, integrated Bluetooth, external music controls, a full HTML browser and a standard QVGA resolution. The camera comes with an auto-snap feature that takes up to eight pictures at a time and you can choose the best.

The Motorola Razr2 supports Motorola's new Linux-based platform apart from the "Crystal Talk" technology. The main selling point of Moto RAZR 2 is style and its aesthetic appeal. This 3G clamshell phone sports dual colour resolution screens which are viewable internally as well as externally screen.

The online mobile market is loaded with plenty of mobile phone deals. The online mobile phone shops help you to buy the latest Motorola mobile phones at an affordable price. Not only you can enjoy the various contract deals, but also the benefits of free minutes, free gifts and casbacks.

Motorola RAZR2