Mda Touch - a Mid Range Mobile With an User-friendly Interface

by : Jack Daniel

Mobile phones with innovative capabilities and easy-to-use interfaces are not that uncommon any more. As a matter of fact, sleek and sophisticated options in mobile handsets have become more of a norm than an anomaly. The MDA Touch is one such high-end mobile phone that can be compared to the Apple iPhone - thanks to the high-end functionalities that are a part of the same. This smart phone runs on the latest CE implementation from Microsoft and is proving to be a 'must buy' for many tech-savvy people from across the world.

The Media Touch is small in profile and light in weight. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. All the phone features can be accessed using this Touch Flo user interface.

MDA Touch could prove to be useful to business users and professionals on the move. The phone comes with several innovative software applications such as the Pocket Outlook, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Power point, and Acrobat LE that makes this possible. The limited storage capabilities could prove to be a deterrent in this context; however users have the freedom to go beyond this constraint by augmenting the storage space with microSD memory cards.

The entertainment options are also taken care of. This means that one can use the phone to enjoy images, videos as well as music on the move. A comprehensive set of media tools is incorporated in the phone for this purpose. For instance, the MDA Touch comes with an integrated 2 mega-pixel digital camera that can be used to capture images and video clips from real life situations.

This tri-band compatible mobile phone can be used to connect with people in different regions of the globe. Wi-fi, Blue Tooth, USB (via mini USB), and GPRS are some of the other key features of the MDA Touch.