Expressing Your Personality Via Ringtone

by : Kevin Cantera

How are you feeling today? Are you channeling Rhianna's Shut Up and Drive, or perhaps Timbaland...Apologize? And of course there's always the oldie but goodie I Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder. What do these songs have in common? They could be your ringtone! With the newest phones available (and even some of the old ones, to be honest) you can set your ringtone to anything you can imagine. So how do you choose?

First, start by going through the music you listen to daily. Is there a song you listen to every time you get in the car? What's at the top of your most-played list? This might be your best bet for expressing your personality through your ringtone. Pick a few of your favorites from artists and see what they have to offer.

Second, look at a few websites. ITunes music store,, wherever you get your music from- check out what's new and exciting right now. Be the first to download the ringtone- your claim to fame in a couple months when the song hits #1 on the charts.

Finally- listen up. Have you ever been in the mall or in a restaurant when someone's phone rang- and although annoying, you thought, "That is a cool ringtone?" Emulation is the highest form of respect. Don't be afraid to ask, "What's your ringtone?" If he or she didn't want attention, she would have left her ring on "Classic Nokia."

A few words of caution: Don't forget to consider what you want others to hear. If you love Got Your Money by Ol' Dirty Bastard (who doesn't?) you might want to think about how you would play that off if your phone accidentally rang in a job interview.

Also, do you have a song that's important enough to warrant special occasions only? Do you really want the song you danced to at your wedding play when your grandmother calls you? Sometimes hearing something all day, every day can kill your passion for it. Don't make your favorite, memorable songs tortuous to listen to.

Many cell phones will actually allow you to choose ringtones for different people. This is incredibly beneficial in a variety of ways. For example, you can know that your roommate is calling without bothering to look. The only reason he calls is to ask if he can eat your food. Better left unanswered. Choose tones specifically for family (Sister Sledge, perhaps?), for your girlfriend or boyfriend, for your best friend, and of course- undesirables. That way you're not only expressing yourself, you're expressing how you feel about others.

As with everything- you get points for variety! Change your ringtone often to match the changing seasons, holidays, moods, or trends. You can download them from the web, or use software designed for your phone, usually available through your provider, to make your own ringtones straight from your music library. Daily routines can become monotonous- why not create your own, personalized soundtrack?