N Series Phones: a Great Combination of Beauty & Technology

by : Simon Smith

Nokia is the prominent mobile phone manufacturer and it has produced many good quality handsets. The mobile lovers worldwide wait for the launch of the latest Nokia phones. It shows the popularity of this Finland based mobile maker. The N-series handsets produced by it have received accolades from the mobile phone experts and the common users.

The latest Nokia N series phones are equipped with many advanced features and functions. These are considered as multimedia phones since the camera quality, music player technology and internet surfing capabilities of these handsets have been enhanced. At the same time, the looks and design of the latest N series handsets have also been improved. These days, mobile phones are not only just the communication devices rather these are the devices that represent the fashion statement of their owners. Considering this factor, the manufacturing companies are coming up with some fashionable handsets.

The prominent members in the N-series handsets are Nokia N78 and Nokia N83. These two models are creating a stir into the markets. The N78 is a beautiful phone which offers all the latest features. It has a 3.15 mega pixel camera and a powerful music player. One gets the internal memory space of 70 MB in this device. The internet browsing is fast since this handset is based on GPRS, EDGE and HSCSD technologies. The Nokia N83 phone is another model from Nokia which is luring the mobile users. A 2.5 inch QVGA display gives beautiful view to this device. It is also equipped with a 5 mega pixel camera and 4 GB embedded memory. The vast memory space gives a unique core competency to this phone.

Another new member in the N-series phones is N96. It is a Window mobile that works like a mini computer which provides the massive internal memory space of 16 GB. This modern handset has 128 MB RAM and 256 MB storage memory. The users can send or receive the emails, work on the MS office package and transfer the data at fast speeds. GPRS and EDGE technologies in Nokia N96 provide fast web connection on this phone.

Some other models that have been introduced recently by Nokia include the N98, the N95 and the N96i. These phones have set a new trend in the mobile industry. Other mobile makers have also followed this trend and they have introduced few similar devices. In fact, the latest Nokia N-series phones have given a new name to the way people communicate. These have some stunning features that set them apart from the other brands produced by the competitors. The 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE technology have been consolidated in the N-series handsets.

The latest Nokia N-series phones have some other innovative features such as navigation facility and GPS receiver. The navigator enables users to find the information about the local places and local products if they visit frequently. The camera qualities of these phones are superb; one can get the high quality pictures and videos which match the quality of pictures produced by the digital cameras. Overall, it can be stated that the N-series handsets are taking the mobile technology to a new level.