Palm Treo 680 Smartphone

by : Elhusseiny Shahin

The Palm Treo 680 is a very nice model from Palm, it has a very cool features that would definitely help you to enjoy your time. This model features with lighter weight than its brother version Palm Treo 650, it also more thinner than it.

It features a high technology built-in Blutooth headset for all wireless communication functions, you can send and receive files easily using this model. It can receive any type of file from any other Bluetooth access devices such as notebooks, PCs, Macs and other Bluetooth access mobile phones.

It features a smart keyboard that is very similar to the ordinary keyboard of your personal computer, this keyboard will provide you all internet functions. You can also enjoy the highest technology VGA camera for the best of video and image recording.

You will be also provided with a full function mp3 player for unlimited music playing, you can listen to all of your favorite music in any file formats such as mp3, WAV and WMA. It can work in most parts of the world because it compatible with all GSM services in all over the world.

It can work with T-mobile and At&T Cingular mobile cellular services, it can be in a very discount price if it comes with one of the cellular service plans. It would be a very good choice if you want a mobile phone that can provide all your communication needs. You would be provided with all internet functions like web browsing and chatting. It also has a very cool compact design, light weight, slim design, no antenna and very cool silver color.