Verizon V Cast Mobile TV Offers Entertainment and Sports

by : Christine Peppler

It was only a few years ago that visiting Europeans and Asians complained about the lack of cellular coverage in the US. That situation has greatly improved of course. It was then reported that Americans used their cell phones primarily for voice calls rather than texting or other data services unlike their foreign counterparts. The US now surpasses many other countries such as Japan and Korea in regards to the use of messaging. Clearly, the pattern of how Americans use their cellular devices is changing as the market matures.

With cell phones continuing to add on larger viewing screens and becoming more powerful in general, additional functions such as viewing television have increased in popularity; especially outside of the US. Mobile TV services have continued to expand their offerings and are increasingly available across the US although the number of subscribers to the service remains low domestically.

Verizon V Cast is one of the most prominent mobile television services in the US. It offers subscribers the ability to watch programming from NBC, CBS, ESPN, MTV, Fox, MTV, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon among others allowing users to view programming from both network and cable stations.

Verizon V Cast offers some programming by simulcast so that home viewers can leave their sofa and venture out to an appointment while continuing to watch the end of their favorite show on their cell phone. Other programming is time shifted giving the viewer the option of catching a show they missed the night before during their morning commute or lunch break. In addition, the service provides shows developed especially for mobile devices.

Verizon V Cast was launched in early 2007 and is now a year old. It presently offers over 150 programs in over 50 markets. In order to receive V Cast, a customer must live in an area with service: such as cities from Seattle, San Diego, and Las Vegas, to Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Fort Meyers/Naples. In addition, customers can view V Cast only on particular phones. Verizon's LG Voyager, MotoRIZR Z6tv, Samsung SCH-u620, and LG VX9400 are among the capable devices.

Verizon V Cast provides a live broadcast versus streaming video assuring that viewers don't have the delay common with streaming video services. It makes use of a portion of the UHF spectrum rather than the same signals used for voice calling. Due to this, it operates even in locations where the cellular signal is insufficient, resulting in a much better and consistent viewing experience.

Those who subscribe to the Verizon V Cast service also have access to the program guide as well as a search function to find the shows they want. They can even program their cell phone to send a text reminder of an upcoming favorite. For those with children, parental control features give adults the ability to restrict viewing of potentially inappropriate content.

Verizon V Cast is available in various packages priced from $13 to $25 per month. For those who spend a significant amount of time away from their television at home, this service may be worth the additional monthly expense as it would provide a great way of keeping up to date, while allowing them to enjoy programming they would otherwise miss and keeping them entertained during down time between appointments, flights, and other activities.