Things To Know About Yoga

by : Ashish Jain

in true sense is described as a system that is scientific in nature. It has a spiritual touch and was a practice that originated in India . Yoga is derived from a Sanskrit word, Yoke. provides you with physical and mental peace. is a pure form of exercising. It requires obedience to its certain rules and principles from your side. Like any other procedure, if these rules are not followed then more harm than good can be caused to you.

So if you really want to take benefits from this impeccable type, it is advisable for you to follow its proper methodology. There are certain things that you should keep in mind:

1. Practicing yoga has no particular time. All depends on your convenience. But it is generally said that if you start your day with a good , your whole day is full of energy. But whatever time you choose, you should stick for that time. Yoga helps only if it is practiced regularly at a regular time. Irregular practice will not give you any good results. Start by practicing 15 minutes and then gradually increase the time period to an hour.

2. After fixing the time, the next important thing that follows is the place where you intend to do it. The place of practicing yoga should be neat and clean. Prefer doing yoga under the open sky. If finding a good open place is not possible for you, then you should opt for a place that it airy. Do not change the place regularly. Stick to place for a long time. Practice it alone if possible.

3.There are some other concerns also involved while practicing yoga. It should be done empty stomach. A stomach full of food won't help. does help a lot in improving your health, but to get more better results, you should follow a nutritious diet plan.

4. You should practice yoga continuously. Always give yourself some breaks of six to eight seconds between any two asanas. Proper breathing is also very important while practicing . So inhale enough air. Take enough rest at the completion of a particular asana or session. Of the complete time you spend in practicing yoga, it is advisable to take rest of 1/4th of the time.

5. If you are tired from the excessive physical work that you did the whole day or have any other physical pain, you should avoid doing . Also wear neat and light clothes while going for yoga. It is also advisable for you to avoid taking excessive alcohol, tea or coffee before the session.

6. Another important thing. While practicing yoga try to keep your mind free from any kind of worries and anxiety. Forget your all worries.

7. One note of caution for women. They should not practice yoga while on their menstrual cycle. Pregnant women should also take caution.