Unique Weddings For Unique People

by : Valorie Jay

Themed are a great alternative to the more traditional . They are perfect for couples who find most weddings to be stuffy and boring. A themed wedding can be as casual and light hearted as you want. Chances are, you guests will not soon forget your .

When planning a , consider what you and your partner have in common. Is there anything that either one of you are particularly passionate about? Often times, you are able to work your passion into the theme of the wedding.

There are many great ideas out there for a . A Roaring Twenties wedding can be a fun and exciting time. You could incorporate swing music into the wedding. The wedding dress could be based on the 1920's era.

Maybe the 1920's are less to your liking, then maybe consider a 1960's . Guests will love the peace signs, psychedelic colors and flowers strewn about.

If the couple are sports fans, then perhaps a wedding is in order. The groomsmen could dress in their favorite sports uniforms, while the bridesmaids can dress as cheerleaders. You could also incorporate the wedding theme into the party favors. For instance, you could give out baseballs or hockey pucks.

Another idea for a is a Fairyland wedding. The bride could easily add wings to her dress, while the guests dress in various mythical creatures.

Hawaiian themed are a fun way to go. Both the bridal party and wedding guests can dress in Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts and fresh leis. For decorations, you could have a few surfboards strategically placed. Tropical drinks served in coconuts would be a huge hit with your guests.

Perhaps a pirate is more to your liking. You could decorate the reception hall to resemble a deck of a ship or an old saloon. You could add hooks for hands, peg legs and eye patches to your attire. Wedding gifts could easily be stored in a treasure chest.

With a Stars Wars , Princess Leia could marry Han Solo. The best man could dress up as Chewbacca, while the couple is married by Darth Vader.

If you are a Star Trek fan, you could have your on the bridge of the Enterprise . The best man could be dressed as Mr. Spock, while one of the groomsmen dresses as Chekhov, Scotty and Sulu. You could have your wedding reception resemble an interplanetary meeting of Romulans, Klingons, Vulcans and Andorians.

Perhaps Lord of the Rings is more your style. You could dress up as Arwen and Aragorn and get married. You could have the wizard Gandalf perform the ceremony, while children play the part of little hobbits.

When it comes to a themed wedding, the possibilities are endless. Your imagination is your only limitation. So if you are a fun spirited person, go with it and have a fun themed wedding.