Online Dating-Why Older is Better

by : TJ Smith

If you're over the age of 40, you may not think the online dating scene has very much to offer you. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Actually it has more to offer someone who is older than the younger crowd. While younger people may be more tech savvy, generally they also have more opportunities to connect with people their own age.

Now that you are older and wiser, going out to bars filled with the 20 something crowd may not be as appealing anymore. Meeting someone online, your own age that you share common interests with is a lot more interesting. After working all day, you can come home to your computer and browse through thousands of personal ads of people in your age bracket. You will find they are like you; whether you're single, divorced, with younger children, or older children who are out of the house. You may find someone whose children are grown and now they want their own time or are looking for someone to travel with.

Most of us change as time goes on. We are not always the same person we were 20 years ago. Our interests and values may have changed. Yet we are faced with the same problems as others, working fulltime, raising families, paying the bills. But yet when it comes to dating and romance all the feelings, insecurities and butterflies in the stomach will come rushing back from your jr. high days. “Will she like me?" “Does he think I am pretty?" “Why haven't I heard from him" Oh the joys of dating. You may not think anyone will find you attractive now that you are older, maybe a little heavier, a little less hair. But you have a lot to offer. You have a lot of history, many life experiences that you can share. Maybe that is a good thing to include in your profile- what you have learned now that you are older and wiser.

When you create your profile it is important to include the fact you have children and grandchildren. Prospective dates want to know this information. At the same time you don't want to scare anyone off, so if you 42 with 6 grandchildren you may just want to mention the grandchildren without specifics, no matter how proud you are. Also be realistic in what you are looking for and your expectations. If you are a 54 year old male, don't start answering the profiles of women in their 20's. They won't write back.

So just because you are a few years older doesn't mean you can't have a successful online dating experience. Answer a few ads, meet a few people, go out, have fun!