Skateboard - Exercise Tips For Skateboardist

by : Dana Bradley

Many skateboarders feel that it is unnecessary to engage in exercise for this type of sport. Can ‘Ollie’s’ and ‘kick-flips’ count as exercise? Notice that in every sport, a sportsman or sportswoman must engage in some form of exercising before competing. Just like a boxer in the ring throwing punches can not pass as excising, a skateboarder doing twists, turns and flips can not take place as exercise.

It is recommended that a skateboarder exercise at least 3 to 5 times per week. A skateboarder should also engage in stretching before practicing or competing. Those who exercise have more energy and are more likely to succeed in this sport. In order to be a skateboarder, one has to be alert. You can’t be alert while feeling fatigue and sloppy. Notice those skateboarders who are the moodiest while practicing or competing. Moodiness stems from not taking care of one’s body. Yes, not exercising can actually affects a person’s confidence. Those who exercise regularly are the most successful at this sport.

Skateboarding is a lot like dancing, especially when there is music in the background. But a dancer doesn’t just settle for dancing or call it exercise. During a dancer’s time off, they engage in a clean and healthy lifestyle which includes exercising.

Exercising Tips for Skateboarders

  • Tip one:
    Think about an exercise that’s easy and that you can do everyday, at least 3 to 5 times per day. This can be jogging around the park or your neighborhood, push ups, sit ups, weight lifting or joining your local gym.
  • Tip two:
    Make sure that you stretch or do a mini exercise routine before skateboarding. Stretching reduces injuries. This includes stretching before a competition or a big skateboarding event.
  • Tip three
    Before beginning any exercise routine, no matter how old or young or what shape you are in, make sure that you consult your physician. He or she may be able to recommend an exercise technique that is compatible with your body type.

Please abide by these tips and remember that skateboarding is supposed to be adventurous. Also, you don't have to burn yourself out when exercising. Learn a few exercise techniques and stick with them. To be a great skate boarder, have fun, and remember that results from exercising are not always instant. You have to be consistent and disciplined when exercising. Exercising is not always for a person to loose weight. Exercise helps to receive energy and the ability to maintain their weight.