Chinese Herb for Weight Loss

by : Kyle Greatbatch

Many people know that many years back I used to work for a well known weight loss concern. As a counselor I helped many individuals their journey to find the right kind of program. My goal was to help these people stay on track so they would achieve their goals. To suppress their appetite we gave them supplements containing the magical and natural Chinese herb called ma huang. I've used these supplements on many occasions and it did wonders for me as well as for all my clients.

There is something in ma huang that somehow seems to control ones appetite really good. From experience I know that it's critical to take care of your body and make sure you eat right, especially if you're following some kind of weight loss program. What I noticed and find very important compared to other supplements on the market is that ma huang seemed to suppress my appetite but it did not do it in such a way that I did not have the appetite to eat my normal healthy meals during the day.

I see it all the timeā€¦.people want lose weight but they actually end up sabotaging themselves because systematically eat too little. Don't even think about taking prescription pills for dieters, they really make your appetite weak and this will prevent you from eating the right calories and more importantly keep you away from reaching your long-term goals.

Why don't people get it?

If you don't eat enough calories it will start working against your own weight loss goals. Your body will react by going into panic mode. You will find yourself craving in the middle of the night trying to eat up everything inside the fridge. From my experience I can tell you that ma huang gives it users the right amount of appetite suppression. You won't get those cravings in the middle of the night because you still have the normal appetite to eat your healthy meals during the day.

Did I mention that ma huang supplements provide you with lots of energy too? In the beginning I felt a little nervous but it slowly went away after a few days. Let me tell you a little secret: You can prevent too much nervousness and even insomnia by introducing the ma huang to your body little by little. It could be that you have never taken any Chinese herbs in the past so chances are that your body won't tolerate high doses all at once in the beginning. Take my advice and start taking a small dose and work your way up if it feels okay.

One other important thing to remember is that if you use ma huang frequently you will notice that it loses its effectiveness. I noticed that somehow I reached a saturation point and it didn't have the same power as it did in the beginning. When you notice this happening to you stop using it for a week or two. When you take the ma huang after a few weeks the effects should be as if you've taken it for the very first time.

There is no doubt that this amazing Chinese herb is a very effective way to reach your weight loss goals. Most people know Ma huang as ephedrine. It has been taken off of the market a while back because of possible heart palpations and other negative side effects related to it when taking in higher doses. I for one still believe that the supplement was very useful and also very safe when taken as instructed and not in excess.