Text Messaging

by : Adrian Adams

Text messaging has become one of the latest fads of today. Text messaging just makes life a little easier, not to mention that it is a whole lot more fun than talking on the phone. Text messaging is quick, simple, and best of all silent. Why is silent the best? Well, say, for instance, you are in a meeting, someone has an important message for you that you must get right away. Would you rather someone call your cell phone and interrupt the meeting or send a text message that not only allows the meeting to keep going uninterrupted, but also gets the message to you right away.

Text Messaging and Teens

Text messaging is probably the most popular in the teen generation of today. With text messaging you can send fun, cute, or flirty messages right over the cell phone and go on about your day. Teens are really into the text messaging thanks to the ability to shorten messages with fun abbreviations, as well as the fact that they can be personalized with pictures, graphics, music, icons, and even video.

Why do teens and text messaging go together so easily? Well, teens have come up with a variety of reasons for text messaging. For example, if they are in trouble with their parents and cannot talk on the phone, they can send a quick text message to all of their friends, letting them know not to call. Perhaps a girl or a boy has a crush on another person, well instead of being shy and embarrassed to pick up the phone and call, they may send a text message instead.

For teens text messaging is just fun, new, and exciting.

Text messaging essentially makes everyone's life easier. Most all cell phones today feature text messaging capabilities. Furthermore, most cell phone companies offer a variety of packages, that include text messaging. Why wait? Start text messaging today.