To Cruise Or Not To Cruise?

by : Kathryn Whittaker

There is a saying: you haven't lived until you've cruised. Cruises today have become the hottest way to spend holidays. Researchers have found that one in four Americans dreams of cruising around the world. In recent years, discount cruises make cruising available to people of all ages and all levels of income.

What makes a great cruise vacation? First-rate accommodations, exotic locations, sumptuous meals, world-class entertainment, and top-notch facilities – all that for less money. All these features are included in a cruise package even a discount one. You can relax, get pampered, and discover new countries without the stress and jet lag most people experience during vacations abroad.

Research shows that today when picking a way to spend a vacation, people search for something that is drastically different from their everyday life. They seek to completely change the way of living – at least for a short period of time. Psychologists find that the more the difference, the better would be the rest and relaxation. That’s why people go to African safari, hike in a Guatemalan jungle, rent boats in Normandy, or stay on a small island in the Caribbean’s.

A cruise ship is extremely different from the way most people live. You can stick to a scheduled routine or you can sunbathe all day long. It does not matter if you buy full-price or a discount cruise. Even a discount cruise offers all the same features of cruise vacation. Cruise ships today offer the tourists the best of the traveling industry: spas, gyms and restaurants with lots of diet choices, facilities for kids with professional personnel, lots of sports activities from skating to tennis, casinos and even theatres.

When planning a cruise or buying a cruise package, even a discount cruise, you should always make sure to check what is included and what is not. A discount cruise package normally includes the cruise ship transportation, meals and snacks, accommodation, access to the gym and other sport facilities plus, nightly entertainment. However, gambling and spa visits are not usually standard. Most often, the cruise package includes a trip or tour to some of the exciting places on the cruise itinerary.

If not specifically discussed, you would have to pay for your flight to the port from where the cruise leaves, as well as for medical services if these are not covered by your medical plan. On board, you will have to pay for bar beverages except for those that come with meals. Be prepared to pay extra money for any visas that you need, and don’t forget about travel insurance.

You’ll find all the things included in the cruise package are listed in the travel agency brochure. If you are not sure, ask the agent beforehand so you know what to expect.

Have you read enough to start searching for the next available discount cruise package for your family? Make sure you remember these most popular cruise destinations: Bahamas, Bermuda, Caribbean, Hawaii, and Mexico – these are great cruising destinations all year round!