Phone Etiquette, Why it Works!

by : Davy Feller

Businesses like pool cleaning and pool building that adopt telemarketing as an important advertising tool, must stress on phone etiquette to increase their conversion rate. Do not commit the fatal mistake of exposing prospects to staff that is untrained on phone etiquette, since one single caller can ruin the goodwill of your company. Phone etiquettes involve complete dignity and humility right from saying the first hello to finally hanging up. During this process a prospect can be converted into a client and a client can graduate to becoming a loyalist.

Phone etiquettes work due to several reasons and these very reasons are what make it absolutely necessary to have a staff that is trained in this field. To begin with, when a prospect or a client is spoken to with etiquette, the defenses drop automatically and the chances of conversion increase drastically. Phone etiquettes also say large amounts for the general customer care policy of your pool business. If the preview that the client gets on the phone is pleasant and heartening, the client is going to want to see the whole show. The opportunity to grab the client’s attention and keep it till you have made your sales pitch is one that can be achieved by impeccable phone etiquettes. Most importantly phone etiquettes help in conveying to the client that yours is a pool business of class and the client will be serviced with utmost care.

If calling a client, make sure the time is appropriate, identify the company and yourself immediately and speak clearly and confidently. This grabs the client’s attention without causing irritation. Always hang up courteously and remember most people have caller id so you definitely don’t want to have an upset client getting back to you.

Phone etiquettes are essential for the technical staff taking complaint calls or bookings too. When the telephone is answered promptly and the calling client is giving a patient hearing not to mention a prompt solution, it leaves the client satisfied. Adequate handling of the client can save time and money by preventing the need of a physical call to the client.

Unhappy clients can be pacified drastically on the phone, only if a few phone etiquettes are kept in mind. So save your business the trouble of hiring several customer care personnel and try to keep your staff adept at phone etiquettes since adequate handling will keep the complaint calls to a low level. It might even help to adopt a phone etiquette program that trains your staff in the correct and courteous manner of behaving on the phone.

Telephone etiquettes are the backbone of a pool business since it is via the phone that the service providers are able to tap their clients to full potential. Having proved that phone etiquettes work and that they are an effective marketing tool, it is important to assess if the pool business is lacking in this area. If you find that your pool business has ignored phone etiquettes, then wait no longer, simply pick up the phone and get a trainer to educate your staff on this front.