5 Tips For Finding The Best PDA Phones On The Market

by : Ron Hel-Or

The PDA phone revolution is here. Only a few years ago, many of us used to carry around a cell phone as well as a PDA, and suffered form the "too much a handle" syndrome. The PDA as well as the cell-phone manufacturers saw this development, and sensed that people need something else. Their answer was to come out with a PDA phone, or a smartphone. This sophisticated device integrates a PDA with a cell phone and allows you to stay on to of things without getting over-whelmed. The smart phone will enable you to:

1. Keep one calendar instead of two.

2. Talk to people on the phone and check things on your email on the web at the same time. This saves a lot of time and returned phone calls.
3. Carry less

4. Upgrade just one device instead of two, when it's time to upgrade.

5. Look sharper than ever!

So after we talked about the many advantages of having a smartphone, how do you find the Best PDA Phones and choose the one for you?
There are quite a few smartphone manufacturers – iPAQ, Palm-Treo and BalckBerry to name a few.
When ever you look for a PDA phone, pay attention to theses parameters:

1. Is it compact and light? some smartphones are just heavy and awkward to handle. You don't need that. Go for a light and thin device that won't be a burden.

2. Is it easy operate? Some PDA phones have complicated menus that require you to invest a lot of effort. Take a good look at how the PDA phone in operated and look for one that is easy.

3. Does it use standard software? – most smartphones are. But just check to be sure. You don't want a smartphone that is "spoiled" and needs special software and accessories to operate at a basic level. For instance, prefer one that uses an operating system like the Palm OS.

4. Is the phone working well? There is a fine balance between the PDA and the Phone parts in any phone PDA. The Best PDA Phones balance that well and both parts work perfectly, and are fully integrate. Make sure yours does.

5. Do you feel comfortable with it? Perhaps the most important one of all. If you're not comfortable with the device, it deosn't really matter if it's considered the best in the market, does it? Choose the one you feel good about.

Taking a good look at the variety of smartphonmes as well as reading reviews and consulting with owners is good practice. It will ensure you come up with the Best PDA Phones on the market, from which you can choose yours.