Road Trip Anyone?

by : Sandra Mahoney

Remember when we were younger and only one of us in the group had their driver’s license or a car? We would drive to each friend’s home to pick them up. Our intention: to be together, to explore and to laugh our heads off. If it wasn’t for a curfew, the night would never end.

Fast forward some 20 years. We’re older and wiser but we still crave the desire to be together. To explore. And to laugh our heads off.

You coming? Well slide over, Thelma! Jump in the backseat, Louise! We're gassing up the car and away we go. When are we leaving? Right now! Plan and itinerary? Who needs that! What will we do? Anything we want! Check out this section to get a quick rundown on all you need to know to escape and tips to make your girlfriend getaway even more fun!


Pass the Doritos, pretzels, popcorn, chips, onion dip and jar of nacho cheese. We’re talking about the stuff we’d never buy our kids let alone eat in the car. Girlfriends and Good Times Tip: If your ankles become the same size as your thighs at the sight of sodium, have your good friends lick the salt off of the pretzels and chips before you eat them.


Bring a cooler packed with ice, water, and your favorite drinks. Or in my circle of friends anyways, it would be beer. Just like the big boys do. No fu-fu drinks for us. Sure we have the occasional frozen concoction but there’s nothing like an ice cold beer (or two or three) and good

friends. When you reach your destination raise a toast to each other, get ready for your first ladies night and of course select a designated driver or call a taxi. Girlfriends and Good Times Tip: Reserve some of that ice for making fruit smoothies the next morning. Nothing feels better after a night of revelry than a nutritious and more importantly hydrating drink. Sip slowly, beware the brain freeze.

Loud Voice

Road trips with women are no place for the meek. Traveling in close quarters, even if it’s a minivan requires the ability to talk, listen and laugh at the same time. Interruptions are going to happen. Stories will be segued into 80 silly directions with very little chance that the original story will ever be completed. Girlfriends and Good Times Tip: If by chance there is a lull in the conversation, simply ask an intriguing question like, “why do men have nipples?"

Driving Directions

As women, we know we won’t hesitate to ask for directions but knowing how to get from point A to point B is helpful. Try going online to AAA or Mapquest before departing. Keep in mind that the woman sitting shotgun is solely responsible for navigation. This includes taking note of necessary landmarks: local coffee shops, restaurants, liquor stores and convenience store. Girlfriends and Good Times Tip: Want a stress free ride, finagle a backseat and be in charge of snacks.


From the moment we fill up the gas tank, nothing brings down the revelry more than wondering who is going to pay for what. No matter how generous we think we are, don’t think the girlfriend who orders the most expensive meal at dinner goes unnoticed. The solution: here kitty, kitty. Good friends know that when traveling together its important to pool your assets. Start a kitty that each friend feeds equally, than it’s up to you to eat and drink your fair share. Girlfriends and Good Times Tip: The girlfriend in charge of the money should have an advanced degree in gratuity management.

So there you have it. I’m thinking I better get started planning my next road trip getaway. How about you?